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Banned from the Bank Drive-Thru

Posted on May 16, 2011 at 7:37 PM Comments comments (2)

I just came home and no one is here to hear me rant.

Yesterday, I tried to use my ATM card and was declined.  The young lady on the bank's customer service line told me a hold was put on my card because Microsoft tried to authoize a purchase for $0.00.  

Today (Monday), I didn't make it to the bank before the lobby closed.  There was no chance of using the ATM to get any cash but hey, the drive-through was open.  I've used that before without a car.

Immediately, the teller refused service because I wasn't in a vehicle. A supervisor suggested I walk over a mile and back in the rain, with heavy bags to use another branch.  "It is for your own safety," they said. I told them it was discrimination to refuse me service because I didn't have a car.  So I staged my own "Stand in" non-violent protest under the awning of the "Drive-thru."

After a little while, the teller suggested she would give me service if I would sit in a strange man's car.  I refused out of principle.  Isn't it a lot less safe to do a bank withdrawl in a strange man's car than standing in a "Drive-thru?"

Another stranger saw that I was being refused service and offered me the opportunity to do my transaction from his van.  I explained why I wouldn't get in his van.  He suggested I wait in the rain and take 2 buses to get to the other branch and even offered me a metrocard.  I refused out of principle and told him I wasn't going to panhandle to make a bank transaction.

The male manager told me the other bank was a 10 minute walk.  I don't know about you but I don't think I could run 1.2 miles in the rain with heavy bags in 10 minutes.  He tried to explain to me that they weren't refusing me service because I wasn't in a car.  It was because the outsite teller access with an awning over it was designated a "Drive-thru" and the rules say no service can be provided to anyone who does not "drive" through.  

I tried to explain that the bank had a security breech and as a result I could not get to my own money.  He finally let me make a withdrawl "for my own safety" to get me out of the "Drive-thru."  He said, "I'm going to make a note in your account that you will never be allowed to use the drive-thru again."

So, I'm banned from using the outdoor teller access at the bank. [ay? you hoser!]


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