The Kotary Coterie

Design Work

I am a freelance Crochet and Knitting Designer. 

I work primarily with yarn companies and publishers.

If you would like to learn more about my work,

please contact me.

More images of my work can be seen on 


or Ravelry

Knitting and Crochet Publications:



  • Kotary, Kim. Learn to Crochet Socks the Toe-Up Way! Annie's Attic, 2010.
  • Kotary, Kim. In-style Bags. Annie's Attic, 2010.
  • Kotary, Kim. You Can Crochet Socks. American School of Needle Work, 2008.
  • Hooked on Crochet! Hats Annie’s Attic, 2008. p.2.
  • Special Techniques & Stitches in Crochet. House of White Birches, 2008. p. 114.
  • Crochet Essentials. Leisure Arts, 2007. pp. 26-33.
  • Hooked on Baby. Leisure Arts, 2006. pp. 2, 8.
  • Just Bags. Lion Brand Yarn, 2006. Cover, pp. 29, 55.
  • Just Wraps. Lion Brand Yarn, 2006.



  • Crochet Today: Oct/ Nov ’06 p. 55; Nov/Dec ’07  p.77;  May/June ’08 p. 56;  July/Aug ‘08 Sept/Oct ’08 p. 10; Nov/Dec ’08; Jan/Feb ‘09; Nov/Dec ’09 p. 34-36
  • Vogue Knitting: Winter 2004/05 p. 58; Spring/Summer 2006 Cover, p. 69, 73, 78; Fall 2006 p. 87; Winter 2006/07 p. 72;  Spring/Summer 2007 p. 89; Holiday 2007 p. 88.
  • Family Circle Easy Crochet: Fall/Winter 2005 p. 22, 26.
  • Crochet World: June 2009. p. 12-13, 50.
  • Crochet!: Nov 2009. p. 30-33.





Knit, Crochet & Craft Lessons

Knit, Crochet & Craft Lessons

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  • Arielle Apr 29, 2015


    Helpful, knowledgeable, and nice.

  • Patti Apr 27, 2015


    Kim helped me sew a skirt for my daughter. She was very knowledgeable, very nice and took the time to find my building and neighborhood. Kim loves sewing and all textile work, and shares her knowledge and enthusiasm generously.

  • Joy Aug 18, 2013


    Kim did a fantastic job teaching my daughter to sew. She saw it through beginning to end. I am extremely pleased with her service. Thank you.

  • Linda Aug 14, 2013


    Kim is a great teacher.Her patient and easy to understand style is only complemented by her extensive knowledge.Even though I have been crocheting for decades,she added,in just our first lesson,things I have never done before.I am looking forward to our future lessons with so much enthusiasm.Have not yet seen anything in her teaching style that needs improvement.I think she has the confidence and professionalism to do all that she aspires to.Absolutely impressed!

  • Jane Jun 5, 2013


    very friendly, very patient, sweet and informative. Definitely recommend!

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